Personalized Standard Napkins

Standard personalization is the best known. It can usually be found in bars and restaurants, most of the times in napkins called Miniservice which are those we find crammed in the classic napkin holders that we find on the tables, often printed with “thank you” type of visit, even if some restaurateurs more retailers opt for personalization with the name, logo or information of their business.This type of printing is done with automated industrial machines that print thousands of napkins per minute. Print quality can be improved, but has the advantage of being relatively inexpensive. The biggest problem, in addition to longer delivery times, is that minimum orders start at 28,800 units (75,000 for Miniservice).

It is a perfect choice for bars, cafes, restaurants and franchises that have a high consumption.

For events, presentations and celebrations we recommend the Deluxe®Customization .

Examples of napkins printed with the Standard system.