With the aim of providing an immediate solution to the most common questions on the personalization of napkins, we offer the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


If you wish to make an order for personalized napkins or coasters, we recommend you get in touch with us in order to help you choose the quality, size or type of print that best suits your needs. Send us the design or the idea that you would like to make for your product and we will propose a sketch so you can view the final result.


This depends on the types of printing.

  • For Deluxe customization, delivery times of up to 10,000 units are 7-10 days.
  • For all-color printing, delivery times are 7-10 days, for orders up to 2,000 units.
  • Lastly, printing in Standard quality has delivery times of a minimum of 4 weeks.
The calculation of delivery times starts from when the customer has made the payment. For large quantities we recommend consulting.


Currently we can realize 3 types of printing:

  • Standard Printing: It is the cheapest, but the delivery times are longer and the minimum orders are higher. Print colors are limited to a maximum of 2 for every napkin.
  • Deluxe Printing: Small amounts can be printed and received much more quickly. The print is of high quality included with light colors on dark napkins, for example white on black. Colors are limited with a maximum of 4 colors per napkin.
  • Full Color Digital Printing: As with Deluxe printing, small quantities can be printed and sent quickly. Only it can be printed on white napkins but without limitations in the printing colors, even with the customer specific pantone. There are no color limits for each napkin and you can print the photographs.
Features Full Color Printing Deluxe Printing Standard Printing
    Minimum order 50 units 250 units ≤ 28,800 units
    Delivery term Up to 2.000 in 7 days Up to 10.000 in 7 días ≤ 4 weeks
    Print quality Very high Very high Medium
   Maximum printable inks Unlimited 4 colors 2 colors
     Photos Yes No No
    Gradients Yes No No
    Frames Yes No Yes
Print on :
White napkin Yes Yes Yes
Black napkin No Yes Not recommendable
Coloured napkin Check color Yes Yes
     Printing Inks:
Mate Color Yes Yes Yes
Metallic Colors No Yes No
Pantone Yes No No
     Cliché 0 € 39,90 € 30,00 €
    Unit price Medium Medium Low


The dimensions are specified in centimeters and with the OPEN napkin. For example, a napkin indicated with the size 20×20 is intended as open: once folded on itself, it will measure exactly half, then 10×10 cm (size S for cocktails). In the sector it is customary to use the measure of the open napkin so as not to be confused with the various dimensions, since an OPEN 20×20 napkin has the same dimensions as a 40×40 FOLDED (20×20 precisely). In conclusion, if you want the smallest napkin will be 20×20, if you want instead the largest will be 40×40.


There are alcule limitations (not many) when printing on paper napkins. The first to take into account is the size of the print as it can not be printed on the entire surface of the napkin because you have to leave an approximate margin of 1 cm. for each side. The second limitation refers to the printing colors. With Deluxe customization there are a limited number of pantones available, since not all colors are suitable for food consumption. For this reason, if a concrete pantone is needed, we will have to opt for the Full Color print which can only be used on white napkins. For a colored napkin, printing with the Deluxe system will necessarily be done. Finally there are some limitations in the color of the napkin. Although there is a rainbow of colors to choose from, depending on the quality and size, you have to adapt to the existing colors. These are the 3 main limitations when ordering personalized napkins. It should also be noted that, depending on the characteristics of the design such as the size of the characters, the volume of the tint or the small details … it is possible to have to slightly modify the design to achieve a better print quality.


To request a free sketch, you must send us your logo in a high quality format via e-mail. The ideal would be a vector drawing in PDF format, peòr if it does not have a design with good resolution we can try to extract it from the design that will send us. If this option is not possible we can send it to a collaborating company that is dedicated to vectorizing the low quality designs of our customers. It has a cost of 10 € + VAT