Personalized Napkins with Full Color

A new customization system for small quantities. It allows us to print only on white napkins, but admits polychromatic images including photographs.
Its advantages are as follows:
  • The minimum quantity that can be customized starts from just 50 units

  • Delivery times, up to 2,000 units, are 10 working days

  • Possibility to print polychromatic or photographic images

  • It does not require clichés

  • You can use this type of printing only on napkins and coasters white or very light colors

  • Allows to print the shades but it is not possible to print the metallic colors

Although the unit price of the full-color napkin is superior to that of the Deluxe press, being able to print only the exact quantities that will be used, the total price of the order is usually lower.

Above you can see two examples of napkins printed with Full-Color quality.

Now you can choose the size of the napkin that you want to customize and start drawing it: