Personalized Deluxe® Napkin

Unlike the Standard personalization, the Deluxe® printing system is aimed at events, promotions and celebrations.

Its advantages are as follows:

  • The minimum quantity to customize is only 250 units

  • Delivery times up to 10,000 units are 10 working days

  • Print quality is superior to the Standard

  • Allows you to customize with metallic bright colors like Gold, Silver, Bronze or Copper, but does not admit nuanced colors.

  • You can print on dark colored napkins without the colors losing intensity.

Although the price of the personalized Deluxe® napkin is higher than that of the Standard napkin, the ability to print only the amount that we will use, the total price of the order will be lower.

Comparative photo of Deluxe print (left) with Standard print (right).

For more information about customization Deluxe click here.